Generate energy and tranquility

Hire female event host Annemarie

A great event is more than a program with speakers and some breaks. You want to offer an event where time flies. Where participants are captivated and join the conversation. Where they are excited to see what will happen next.

I can help you by designing the perfect day firstly, and when the day is there: taking your audience by the hand as an energetic guide through the program.

Meeting Design

I am sure you are familiar with congresses and events where two hours of different speakers are alternated by short coffee breaks, followed by a panel, a lunch (with coffee, since you really need it at that point), a VIP grande finale keynote and a formal thank you by the hosting organisation.

If we take up planning your event, we’ll do that differently. A successful event is energizing, rather than tiring. Together, we will build the right program. We might go for completely different formats, in which a speaker suddenly turns into a participant. Or, we might rearrange the room and put everyone to work. Why not? Everything to help you reach your goal. Without being forcefully funny or the obligatory physical exercises. We are not trying to be a circus, right? This is what we call Meeting Design.

Event Host

During the day, I’ll ‘add a face’ to the event. I am the presenter, hostess, interviewer and most of all: one of the audience. Making the connection between the stage and the room is my main task. When we’re in need of some fire and spice, I’ll incite it. Looking for a calm moment? I’ll bring tranquillity. I make sure the people on stage shine brightly and everyone in a chair actively participates. I do this by sensing the atmosphere and progress, using different conversational techniques and by making use of the room available. A combination of intuition and training.


Let’s say your event is already nicely in place, but you need something extra for a specific part of your program. Do you have an element in your program where you want to give everyone the change to talk and -more importantly- be heard? In that case, it is a good idea to ask me to be the moderator. You can implement this for instance when you want the management team of your organisation to have a constructive dialogue with employees. I’ll be an extra support, for both sides. An assistant to reduce the perceived distance, to make everyone feel comfortable. Or, during a debate where the stakes are high. When things need to be said, without anyone being overshadowed. Or if you just want to replace a ‘panel’ by a vivid conversation.

Video and presentation

A fresh face for you corportate video or company movie, a product introduction or award show: I’ve got it. I love to take to the streets with a camera crew to create the right image for your message. Rather have a more traditional videointerview? No problem. Video presentation following a strict script? I am good friends with the autocue. Live or edited, behind a desk or as a reporter on location: I love video.

Whether you are looking for one or all of these options, give me a call. Have something else I can help you with? Do not hesitate to ask, I’d love to know what you have planned.