Generate energy and tranquility


Tim Raemakers - CHIO / Den Haag Venture Lunch
“It was important to us to create interaction between the panels and our audience. Our moderator Annemarie van Campen managed to make everyone feel connected to the theme. Everyone wanted to join in the conversation form start to finish. Thanks to the contribution of Annemarie, we have achieved our goal. It is a real profession, being a moderator.”

Christa Hemmelaar – Presspage
“Preparation went smoothly. Because Annemarie has so much experience, she doesn’t depend on a lot of input. With a good sense for the right atmosphere, Annemarie knew how to actively involve the audience and managed to create a positive vibe from the start of the event. Annemarie was well prepared, calm but enthusiastic and easy-going, which meant the program went smoothly. She was able to capture the essence of the presentations in a few sentences and follow up with some critical questions. Not just the keynote speakers, but also the audience were challenged to engage in a dialogue. Annemarie was a good match for our event.''

Data Drive commerce
“We were all very enthusiastic about your contribution as moderator during this edition of our event. Therefore, I would love to ask you to present again next year.”

Honeywell – Eventbureau EMboost
“Our client was very satisfied with the contribution of Annemarie. My idea to ask a vibrant woman to present before a mainly male, technically oriented audience proved to be the right choice. The fresh, fast but definitely skilful approach was a good combination. During the program in which both the client and an independent keynote speaker provided a presentation, Annemarie proved to be a welcome addition to build the dialogue with the room, as well as to sense where to take action during the different talks.”

Ron Zwetsloot – Cascadis
"Annemarie is a very inspiring presenter and chairwoman. She knows, in a very decisive way, how to involve the audience in complex subjects. I certainly recommend her as a moderator!"

Ger Baron - Chief Technological Officer gemeente Amsterdam
"I have worked with Annemarie when she hosted our Digital Agenda Event. The combination of enthusiasm, industry knowledge and authority when needed made our event going smooth and added value to our visitors. Another reason for this result was the professional preparation, making that the audience felt in trusted hands going through the program. In two words: Refreshing and trustworthy. I hope we will collaborate quickly together again."

Sybranda Vink – Vanhulzen Gummo Kicks
“Annemarie is a wonderful speaker. I have worked with her for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As moderator for, she tapped into a huge amount of knowledge to create the right atmosphere. The combination of her enthusiasm, knowledge and authority makes for a smooth execution of the program. Her professional preparation ensures a focused audience within seconds. Vibrant appearance, comfortable tone of voice, relaxed, knows what she is talking about. I hope there will be a great project in the future, to take on together!”

Maartje IJzerman – Sprekershuys
“Annemarie is a knowledgeable, energetic and creative moderator and presenter. She listens carefully to secure the goal of the event and at the same time makes sure the audience takes home the experience and insights they expect. She knows how to give the right atmosphere to an event, in which also the desired subjects and themes are covered. In short: a guaranteed success!''

Robert Kerstens – Canon Nederland
“Annemarie has led the client event of Canon Nederland superbly. Energetic, enthusiastic, well prepared, vibrant, elegant, authentic and a very good ‘click’ with the room. Annemarie is a real recommendation if you’re are looking for a professional and refreshing moderator.”